Luminary Law Firm- Professional Synopsis
» Legal Suits
» Preparing notices and interacting with advocates/solicitors, briefing and giving them instructions and preparing them for trials etc.
» Representing case of dispute before tribunals and judicial authorities
» Conducting extensive research work and finding case laws, corresponding with counsels and clients in relation to the various legal matters etc.
» Ensuring proper compliance with statutory requirements and coordinating with the panel counsels for monitoring various cases

Legal Documentation
» Structuring, drafting and inspecting the legal documents viz. agreements, contracts, deeds, MoU, pleadings, argument notes etc.
» Preparing post sanction documentation for project assistance.
» Drafting, vetting, reviewing, approval and interpretation of various types of documents including leasing, licensing, commercial » agreements, contracts, land acquisition, revenue related matters etc.
» Service matters, consumer disputes, MRTP disputes, disciplinary proceedings, labour laws, workmen’s and ID Act
» Involved in finalizing terms & conditions of contract, settlement agreements; performing analysis to ensure that contracts are within negotiated & agreed-upon parameters.

Advisory Services
» Providing management consultancy services by undertaking legal research, legal document preparation as well as legal document/ agreement review, etc.
» Proving advice to management for arbitration and alternative settlement of dispute being cost effective and less time taking measures
» Developing and nurturing client relations with the view to provide value added services and ultimate pinnacle of client satisfaction.

Law Firm - Past work
» Handled cases like CBI Cases, Economic Offence Cases, Criminal Cases, Matrimonial Law & Family Law Cases, Intellectual Property Right Cases, Cyber Law Cases, Real Estate Law Cases And Property Law Cases. Negotiable Instruments Act (Cheque Bouncing), Arbitration & Conciliation Act, Consumer Protection Act, and Police Complaint etc.
» Completed end to end legal support to all the business division, contractual obligations and compliance related activities and further ensuring that all contracts confirm to the prescribed parameter and processes
» Involved in drafting & vetting of varied nature of documents
» Ensured compliances of all processes & statutory requirements necessary for each division receivable management & recovery of bad debt through legal recourse
» Liaising with government departments regarding pollution problem, No Objection certificate from Municipal/ Development authorities regarding hoarding and banners
» Supported counsels engaged by the company empanelled or otherwise & handling legal cases by or against the company
» Deft in handling cases/ Laws pertaining to property including mortgage, lease, license, hire purchase, Sales of Goods Act, Telecommunication, Competition Act, Partnership, Law in respect to contract labour, Laws on contracts including tender, auction and insurance, Laws pertaining to recovery of bad debt of banks etc. besides Civil & Criminal Procedural Laws etc.
» Exposure to:
» Recovery through civil and Under Section 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act
» Vetting of documents related with cell site.