Current Internships
Invites applications for a month-long internship for its team based in New Delhi. The position would involve working as a trainee law reseracher and appearance in courts.
Provides internship opportunities to graduate and post-graduate students on a rolling basis throughout the year. Students enrolled in recognised law programmes are welcome to apply.
Conduct research on cutting-edge issues of law and policy.
Assist with drafting reports.
Interact with legal academics and practising lawyers.
Interns will work primarily with one of four verticals/initiatives and are required to indicate their preference while submitting the Internship Application Form (See below). A brief description of the verticals/initiatives is provided below:
Public Law
The Public Law vertical focuses on issues of constitutional law, administrative law and allied issues in public policy. The vertical works on engaged projects with Central Government Ministries and agencies, providing research and drafting support at various stages of law-making. The vertical also conducts independent research in the areas of law and technology, property law and human rights.
Corporate Law and Financial Regulation
The Corporate Law and Financial Regulation vertical aims to usher in reforms in the financial sector by working in the areas of insolvency, corporate affairs and banking regulation. It assists Government Ministries and Departments as well as regulators like the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Ministry of Finance, the Reserve Bank of India and the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India.
Judicial Reforms
The Judicial Reforms Initiative at undertakes interdisciplinary, data-driven research on contemporary issues related to judicial institutions. It aims both to inform public debate and propose institutional, legislative, and policy reforms to governments.
JALDI is an ongoing multi-year project that aims to advocate for and implement evidence-based reforms to eliminate existing backlog in courts, and ensure that new cases are disposed of in reasonable timelines. The fellowship is a highly competitive programme designed to build research capacity and technical expertise on issues facing the Indian judiciary. Aid: Education, Environment and Health.
Aid Initiative works in the areas of education, environment and health by conducting independent legal research, engaging with civil society organisations and undertaking strategic public interest litigation. The main focus of Aids work across its three subject areas is the enforcement and implementation of legal rights. Some of the specific areas that Aid will be working on are the implementation of the Right to Education Act in relation to persons with disabilities, new regulatory tools for environmental monitoring and compliance, drug regulation, and medical law and ethics. Nyaaya.
Nyaaya is a pioneering initiative of Centre for Legal Policy, conceived of by Rohini Nilekani and supported by Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies and The Lal Family Foundation. It seeks to assist everyone to understand and deal with everyday legal problems. Nyaaya provides comprehensive information on various legal topics, covering most aspects of the law that people interact within their daily lives.