Law Firm - Arbitration
At LLF we have a dedicated lean to represent clients in arbitration proceedings drafting of pleadings, Appearance before arbitrators and conducting proceedings, attending to litigation connected with arbitration in respect of entering measures, appointments of arbitrators, setting aside enforcement of arbitral Awards and appeals arising therefrom.
LLF renders valuable and exlinsure advisory services on Anti Dumping Laws and Notifications. We also assist our clients to deal effectively with

→ Anti Dumping Policies and Laws
→ Filing Appeals
→ Anti Circumvention Laws
LLF has represented various clients in a variety of alternate dispute resolution matters. The development in the Indian economy has lead to create many business opportunities especially involving infrastructural development. Arbitration has become one of the most sought after remedies by clients because of its numerous advantages over litigation in terms of time and money. Our team at LLF with a strong litigation background is prepared towards rendering legal advice and assistance relating any business or commercial dispute in the following forms:-
→ Negotiation
→ Conciliation
→ Mediation → Preparing and presenting the case before the arbitrator
→ Domestic and International Arbitration
→ Enforcement of Awards