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Luminary Law Firm- Mission & Values
LLF Means ? Luminary Law Firm
At Luminary LAW FIRM, we work with a clear focus of achieving our primary objective - “Provoke Thought”. In this objective, we focus on research and development based initiatives, facilitate interactive client discussions and try to achieve our goals through communication and interactive flow of information. We believe in harmony between the client and the office, encourage brainstorming of ideas within our teams and attempt to evolve effective solutions to the most complex of problems. We also take up a variety of social service initiatives and believe in contributing to developing a just and humane society around us.

Luminary Law Firm

Dr. Anil Kumar Gupta is the Founder & Managing Partner of Luminary Law Firm, a full service Luminary law firm based at the Delhi. At Law Firm, we work with a clear focus of achieving our primary objectve of "PROFESSIONL EXCELENCE".

Luminary Law Firm is a law firm that provides a whole range of legal activities including appearance in courts, client briefings and conferences, opinion writing and guidance, research work and several other related activities.

Our practice areas include Criminal & Civil Law , Cyber Laws, Matrimonial Law & Family Law, Real Estate, Labour Law Matters, Service Law Matters, Administrative Law, Arbitration, Company Formation, Litigation . Our team of dedicated professionals possess thorough knowledge of the Indian legal framework and deft negotiation skills. The innovative solutions that we provide to our clients are a blend of technical expertise and commercial pragmatism. Our absolute commitment to deliver results has helped us to create a niche for our ourselves in the mindscape of our consumers.

Luminary LAW FIRM has sufficient expertise in areas like mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, foreign collaboration and technology transfer. We, at LAW FIRM believe in providing clear-cut practical advice to our clients, which matches their unique business requirements. The comprehensive range of business, tax, audit, accountancy and investment services that we provide help your business retain their competitive edge.

We believe in delivering professional advice in a transparent manner and our competitive advantage lies in the superior quality of service we offer to our clients. We at Luminary LAW FIRM, suggest the most appropriate strategies to our clients only after a thorough analysis of the needs of our clients. By providing independent, reliable advice, we endeavor to exceed client expectations and maintain long-term relationship with them.

But more importantly, our strength comes from our clients’ trust that we will give them the quality of service that they deserve. It's our business to find creative and commercial legal solutions whilst focusing on making the law work for you.